Long-Term Care

The Fougère Report released earlier this year found that violence in long-term care homes is common, that working conditions of staff in long-term care homes are challenging. In light of these findings and as we face an aging population, our city must be proactive in addressing the gaps in service delivery to patients in long-term and nursing homes.

We warehouse the frail elderly. We can do better.

It's time for the city to change its approach to long-term care, by introducing programs used around the world that make long-term-care homes more home-like and less like hospitals where residents feel institutionalized.

Our campaign is committed to:

  • Remodeling our long term care facilities after home care style programs like the Butterfly Model or the Green House Project.
  • Allocating new funding for new long-term care homes in Ottawa.
  • Reviewing funding formulas to increase the number of trained staff working in long-term care homes.
  • Delivering additional dementia care education programs to long-term care home staff

Peel region has led Ontario in its efforts to reform its long-term care homes, with incredible results. Residents are happier, staff is happier, and residents are sick less often and take fewer antipsychotic drugs.

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