A Plan for More Affordable Housing

Ottawa has a growing waitlist of over 10,000 families waiting for social housing. As luxury condo developers continue to push people out of neighborhoods and take over our city, options of affordable housing become increasingly out of reach.

Along with the lack of affordable housing, many tenants report issues with their units that often go unaddressed by landlords. According to an ACORN report on a tenant survey titled “State of Repair,” 85.5% of respondents reported problems in their units, 40% of respondents reported cockroaches in their building, and 32% of respondents experienced a lack of heat in the winter.

To address these issues, our campaign is committing to:

  • The introduction of an inclusionary zoning by-law that would ensure no residential development project is approved without providing a minimum of affordable housing units.
  • The introduction of a Rental Replacement By-law to ensure affordable housing units aren’t lost to higher market rental units.
  • An increase in resources to health inspectors responsible for overseeing the conditions of rental units.

These are not new ideas, in fact, in France, for the last 40 years, 25% of all new housing units built have been designated as affordable housing units. In the Netherlands, 30% of the population lives in affordable housing. We are committed to introducing these measures, which prioritise the wellbeing of our communities over corporate developers.

Challenging homelessness and poverty in Ottawa

Our city needs a robust strategy to end homelessness in Ottawa. Today, fewer rental housing units are being built, making it difficult to help those who experience homelessness to find affordable housing as they take steps to reintegrate in their communities. This is why the introduction of a rental replacement by-law and an inclusionary zoning by-law are so crucial in addressing this problem.

Research further demonstrates that the best way to support people who experience homelessness is to ensure they receive services in their communities. This is why our campaign opposes the proposed Salvation Army Mega-Shelter. We don’t believe that a single mega-shelter in one community is helpful in keeping people who experience homelessness in their communities, or potential employment opportunities. Our campaign favors an approach where there are several smaller shelters across our city.

Our campaign understands that combatting homelessness isn’t only about getting a roof over people’s heads. It’s about ensuring the proper reintegration of people who experience homelessness in their communities and providing access to critical services, such as support to find employment opportunities, identifying long-term affordable options, harm reduction, and food security. We are committed to auditing and improving current city service delivery tied to challenging homelessness.

A city for everyone means a home for everyone.

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  • Susan Gemmell
    commented 2018-09-19 09:41:23 -0400
    Another important issue facing downtown Ottawa tenants is the conversion of rental units to Air BnB. This is significantly reducing availability and further reducing the interest of landlords in renting to (particularly) long-term tenants. I would like to see municipal candidates address this aspect of the affordable housing issue.
  • James Brunet
    commented 2018-09-17 13:10:43 -0400
    Clive has been consistently against the Zibi development for years. In fact, he’s attended rallies against this project and spoken at panels hosted by Stop Windmill.

  • Peter Stockdale
    commented 2018-08-25 12:59:59 -0400
    I suppose Clive would not replace Canterbury Cathedral, the Wailing Wall or the Kaaba with condos yet you seem to support Zibi and the hydro dam at Chaudiere Falls. Glad to hear about your position on Herongate, but heard nothing about Zibi. Aren’t you just continuing the anti-indigenous racism of the 19th century and carrying into the 21st like Trump, if with a green face? Why don’t you stand shoulder to shoulder with Joel Harden?

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