How to Vote

Polling is open from 10AM-8PM on Monday, October 22. 

You can use a piece of identification to vote. It needs to have your address (e.g. utility bill) or a photo (e.g. health card). You don't need to register to vote ahead of time, as long as you bring some form of identification to the polling station and you live in Ottawa. The full list of eligible documents can be found here.

If you don't have identification, you can still vote, even if you're not on the voter's list. You'll have to make a declaration / swear an oath that you live in the city/ward in which you are voting.

If your polling station doesn't let you vote because you lack sufficient identification, call 613-699-0261.

What if I'm a student?

Students who temporarily live in Ottawa can vote. You can use your school transcript as a form of identification. If you don't have identification, you can still vote.

Where do I vote?

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