Doucet Reacts to Watson’s “Affordable and Inclusive Ottawa” Announcement

Friday, October 19, 2018

Doucet Reacts to Watson’s “Affordable and Inclusive Ottawa” Announcement

Ottawa – Late on Thursday, October 18, Ottawa residents received an e-mail from Jim Watson about his plan for “An Affordable and Inclusive Ottawa.” The lackluster announcement attempts to address key issues and comes three days before E-day.

“It’s really interesting that this announcement comes two months after my campaign has been on the ground mobilizing voters in favour of real measures to address the housing crisis we are facing in Ottawa,” said Clive Doucet, mayoral candidate, “I can only assume that this is a Hail Mary pass from the Watson camp, in an attempt to poach some of my supporters before Monday’s vote.”

“Watson’s track-record on affordable housing is abysmal,” Doucet added, “as more than 10,000 households wait for affordable housing, and as we witness one of the largest evictions at Heron Gate boasting about building 354 new affordable housing units is really sad.”

This announcement comes after several Mayoral debates during which Watson expressed that he would not support the introduction of inclusionary zoning in the recently approved 900 Albert Street development project.

At the very beginning of his campaign, Clive Doucet’s outlined the following commitments to respond to the ongoing housing crisis:

  • Introducing a Rental Replacement by-law.
  • Introducing an Inclusionary by-law.
  • Implementing a Landlord licensing program.
  • Increasing the funding for city inspectors.
  • Redirecting part of the intensification tax to affordable housing.
  • Develop a strategy to begin land-banking for future affordable housing units.
  • Apply to the $40 billion federal funds for affordable housing.

On responding to homelessness:

  • Adopt a Housing First Strategy with the resources necessary to see it successfully implemented.
  • Introduce a day-time shelter that will deliver a wide range of community services, and provide an alternative to life on the streets.
  • Oppose the Salvation Army Mega-Shelter and prioritize smaller shelters spread out across the city to avoid the ghettoization of Vanier.
  • Support for harm reduction programs, like Safe Injection Sites.
  • Increase funding for programs that support the full reintegration of people experiencing chronic homelessness in our communities.
  • Lobby the federal and provincial government for the introduction of a basic income program


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