September 12, 2018
Contact: Clive Doucet for Mayor

Clive Doucet commits to complete transparency on LRT

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Delays in the delivery of the Light Rail Train (LRT) have made it clear that the Ottawa City Council knows very little about the developments related to construction and progress of the project. Ottawa residents expect clear explanations for these delays but are left with silence. Clive Doucet, Mayoral candidate, is committed to complete transparency and providing regular updates as we wrap up Stage 1 of the LRT construction, and throughout Stages 2 and 3.

Two of Mr. Watson’s own councillors have appealed to the Ontario Privacy Commissioner for information. There have been over 60 requests for information from the public regarding the quality of construction.

“While John Manconi, General Manager of OC Transpo, has been running interference in the media, Jim Watson has said little about the cause of these delays,” said Clive Doucet. “I have to wonder why the Mayor isn’t stepping up to defend his project.”

It’s unclear that the rights of way for the tunnel have been secured without encumbrance, in spite of spending $250 million. This is why two councillors have appealed to the Ontario Privacy Commissioner for information.

Furthermore, costs for LRT delays could reach 20 million dollars. “There is great cause for concern when a project of the LRT’s magnitude is handled behind closed doors and fails to meet delivery targets,” said Clive Doucet.

In the first weeks of his mayoralty, Clive Doucet commits to making all the deals, tunnel and stations design and provenance of the expropriations public. “Transparency will be a hallmark of my administration if I am elected Mayor on October 22nd,” added Doucet.

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